Wei Li (PhD Chemical Engineering, 2010)

Li measuring FC V 2

Mr. Wei Li has helped lead the university’s research on fuel cell electrochemistry. From his graduate work at the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, as research manager for fuel cells at TL Chemical, Inc. (Shanghi, China), and in his studies with Professor Gene Smotkin at the University of Puerto Rico, he became an expert in these technologies. Since joining us in the summer of 2006, he has already set up a completely automated fuel cell test station, developed the capability of making electrocatalysts and MEAs, lead the implementation of the CatLab microreactor, and is developing a new experimental technique called Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry.

Wei holds an MS degree in Chemical Engineering from one of China's premier universities, Zhejiang U. He has served the UA community as the Chinese Student Association President. His wife, Jia, is a nurse and student in Health Managment. They have a son Kevin. Wei will be available for employment in January, 2010 and officially receive his PhD in May, 2010. He is interviewing for faculty and postdoctoral positions.